About Us

About Us

Air pollution spikes is a story of almost all countries today, causing heart and lung diseases. There are many harmful chemicals in the air and to prevent from the air pollution one can use air pollution control products and significantly improve health. A company dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the community- Yeyoung Ltd. is providing Masks since 1984. The Seoul (South Korea) based company is helping citizens of not only South Korea but Japan to lower their exposure to air pollution, in a result improving health, lowering emergency room visits and overall mortality. These are beneficial to people suffering from lung and heart diseases, especially older people can wear mask on super bad pollution days to prevent a heart attack. Working as a Manufacturer & Exporter, our company creates and sells Disposable Dust Face Mask and Air Pollution Face Mask with Exhalation Valve.
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#1401 Shinchon Daol Nobel Leeum, Baekbeom-ro 1-gil 83, Mapogu, Seoul, Seoul, Korea South
Phone :+821098195496