1080D Direct type Dust Mask

1080D Direct type Dust Mask
1080D Direct type Dust Mask
Product Description
  • 1080D Filter for dust mask (Built-in KC filter (carbon)):
    • As a single filter, it is a high-performance electrostatic filter with a large collecting surface of 295 cm 2 and excellent collecting power
    • The wide collection surface of the filter achieves high collection efficiency and low respiratory resistance at the same time, and the rate of increase of breathing resistance is also low,
    • It keeps breathing.
    • It is designed to be used by bending both ends of the filter, so the side and bottom visibility is excellent.
  • 1080DC Filter for dust mask (Built-in KC filter (carbon)):
    • The structure and features are the same as the 1980D filter, and the 1980 C type dustproof filter has carbon fibers with activated charcoal added.
    • The carbon fiber of this filter completely removes the odor of welding fume and the trace organic gas from welding and other work, and it is thin and light
    • Breathing is comfortable.
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